Friday, August 24, 2012

Hey Tracy, why is your blog called Apps and 'Zerts?

The name of my blog was inspired by the TV show Parks and Recreation and suggested by a friend who reminded me that my favorite foods are all appetizers and desserts. 

If you don't watch Parks and Rec, you're missing out on some of the greatest comedic genius of our time. Quotes, anecdotes, and synopses will likely make their way into my posts. I apologize in advance, although should I really apologize for being awesome?

Here is the complete list of Tom Haverford's Nicknames for Foods (and other things):

'Zerts = Desserts
Tré Trés = Entrees
Sandwiches = Sammys, Sandoozles, or Adam Sandlers
Air Conditioners = Cool Blasterz (I don't know where that came from)
Cakes = Big 'Ol Cookies
Noodles = Long-Ass Rice
Fried Chicken = Fry Fry Chicky-Chick
Chicken Parm = Chicky Chicky Parm Parm
Chicken Cacciatore = Chicky-Catch
Eggs = Pre-Birds or Future Birds
Root Beer = Super Water
Tortillas = Bean Blankies
Forks = Food Rakes
Go-Go-Mobile = Car



Kristina said...

I love Tom. I don't know what Ann is all about breaking up with him every 24 hours, there are so many amenities at his house!


Kristina does the Internets

Malin_tini said...

Imma fan of long ass rice and super water

Tracy said...

Tom is the best...I'm enjoying the pure comedy of their relationship, but I not-so-secretly want Lucy to get her ass back to Pawnee.